21 07 2020

Credit card obtaining in the UAE


For a modern person, a credit card plays a very big role in everyday life. Each of us is required to conduct operations related to the use of money provided by banks. If your goal is fast and reliable cash transactions, then a credit card in the UAE will definitely suit you.

As in the process of use, and at the stage of registering a credit card in the UAE, you will not encounter any special difficulties. There are two ways to apply for a credit card: online and through a branch of a selected bank.

Information required for registration:

    • Your name;

    • Locality;

    • Salary data;

    • Nationality;

    • Email;

    • Company name;

    • Contact number.

After confirming the information you provided, you will receive a credit card that will save time and will not cause trouble in making money transactions. A credit card can also help with international travels, when, for example, you did not take a large amount of money with you, but you need to purchase something.

At a cost of less than 5,000 dirhams for 3 months, the payment for using the card will be 99 dirhams ($ 27). One of the largest and most influential banks in the UAE is Emirates NBD Bank. At your disposal several types of credit cards:

    • platinum credit card Emirates NBD;

    • unlimited credit card;

    • titanium credit card;

    • credit card of the Diners Club payment system.

For convenience and mobility, Emirates NBD Bank provides an opportunity to choose the best options for a particular client.

The most popular credit card is platinum. Its owners get additional benefits in the form of using business waiting rooms at airports, access to tennis courts or golf courses, a variety of discounts and bonuses in restaurants and shops.