23 07 2020

Debit card in the UAE. How to get it and what is it for?


Today it is difficult to meet a person without a payment card. Even the older generation, who until the end refrained from new payment methods, still began to use debit cards, mainly for receiving pensions. Young people are more open about this issue, and we can observe that almost every young person has a payment card. There are two types of bank cards: debit and credit.

Both types of card can be used in exactly the same way, but there is a significant difference between them. When you pay with a credit card, you use not your own money, as in the case with a debit card, but the bank's money. This is perhaps the only difference. Today you are unlikely to find a bank that does not issue debit cards. Due to the highly developed banking system in the UAE, it is very easy, fast and convenient to open an account and get a card in the Emirates.

Who is eligible for a debit card in the United Arab Emirates?

All residents of the country have the right to receive a payment card. But there are exceptions in the form of businessmen who own an offshore company in the UAE Free Economic Zone. Even in this case, you can try to make a request to open an account with a financial institution, and if the answer is yes, then you will automatically become the owner of a debit card.

Also, many are interested in the question: can a tourist get a debit card in the UAE? Many banking institutions are reluctant to contact non-residents of the country, but there are a sufficient number of banks that easily open accounts and issue debit cards to non-residents with tourist visas. Tourists can take the chance to save their funds in UAE banks.

To become a client of a UAE bank, you need to prepare:

- a standard set of documents: passport; letter of recommendation; a payment receipt showing your address; marks confirming the legality of arrival;

- signing papers and a personal interview with a bank manager;

Then it remains to wait for the notification from the bank. A little hint: if the deposit amount is very impressive, then the chances that you will become a client of a UAE bank are very high.

How and for what purpose is a debit card used in the United Arab Emirates?

When you open a savings account, you are issued with a debit card, with which you can:

- pay for goods in stores;

- pay for goods and services online, order tickets, etc.

- see the current state of the account;

- withdraw cash through an ATM.

In the United Arab Emirates, you will come across a large number of different banks and ATMs, respectively. Therefore, there will be no problems with cash withdrawals. As for the currency, mainly ATMs issue dirhams, but if you need dollars, you can exchange at special cash desks.