23 07 2020

Online banking and Dubai bank account


The service of banks for depositing and storing funds is gaining popularity at a fast pace. People are moving away from the form of keeping at home in favor of new financial instruments for convenience, security and various benefits. The UAE stands out as one of the safest and most modern banking systems in the world.

Not only residents of the United Arab Emirates, but also non-residents tend to use the service of banks to open an account. It is worth noting that now the requirements for opening accounts for people without a residence permit in the UAE have become more stringent. The number of banking institutions willing to open an account for non-residents has dropped sharply.

Is it possible to open an account for a non-resident?

Just a few years earlier, banking institutions allowed absolutely everyone to open an account. Provided that the depositor has a properly executed package of documents, and he came for an interview with the manager. After the interview, there was a stage of verification of documents, and if the bank had no questions, then the depositor opened an account. For non-residents, there were some restrictions in the form of the lack of the right to issue a checkbook, and, in most cases, to issue a credit card. After opening an account, a non-resident received a debit card and could use secure and convenient Internet banking.

Today, the UAE has the highest level of customer service for banking institutions and one of the world's best Internet banking. However, if you are not a citizen of the UAE, then you will hardly be able to experience all the advantages of the banking system of the Emirates. The tightening of the rules is associated with the struggle of the UAE government against intentional money laundering. The government does not want the country to become another tax offshore. This tightening may upset non-residents, but it proves that the government cares about the country's reputation and the proper level of trustworthiness.

More information about Internet banking in the UAE:

One of the main reasons for clients' trust in UAE banks is the highest level of protection against fraud, especially in these days when hackers can hack into almost any system and steal money. Every year, UAE banks allocate huge sums to improve security systems. You can hardly find a bank in the United Arab Emirates that does not offer Internet banking services. After all, with its help, no matter where, you can manage your account.

List of advantages of Internet banking in the UAE:

- intuitive use, without complications for the client;

- operational technical support 24/7;

- a wide range of necessary and useful functions (remote account management, transfers, utility bills, creating deposit accounts, and much more).