21 07 2020

6 reasons to open a business in Dubai in 2020


If your goal is to bring your existing business to a new level or to master a new direction, then the best solution would be to do it in Dubai. Thousands of entrepreneurs are opting for Dubai and are not mistaken. Doing business in the UAE, whose economy does not stand still, diversifying and developing rapidly, is beneficial from all points of view. Against the background of all this, Dubai is famous for the reliability of doing business.

Year after year, the number of foreign investors who want to develop an existing business or open a new one is steadily growing. This means that the opportunities for business development in the UAE are simply huge. Over the past 3 years, the Department of Economic Development of Dubai has approved about 5 thousand licenses for conducting business activities in the UAE. These figures confirm that the state is doing everything necessary to support the business environment and its further development.

Almost all large international companies have already opened their branches in Dubai, a matter of time when absolutely all the world's business giants will be present in Dubai.

Among the main reasons for starting a business in Dubai are:

1 - Friendly political and economic environment;

The Government of Dubai is well aware that improving the economic and political conditions for doing business will favorably affect the flow of investment and is doing everything necessary for this. Contrary to some beliefs, opening a business from scratch in Dubai is a simple task, because all conditions for this are already available. Also, the Dubai government has taken care of the safety of doing business and investments, which is a strong argument in choosing a country for any businessman.

2 - Developed infrastructure;

In the Emirates, you will encounter impeccable infrastructure, both inside and out. A well-organized public transport system allows you to get to anywhere in the city in a minimal amount of time. And the numerous airports and seaports make international trade simple and safe.

3 - Famous Free Trade Zones;

FEZs are famous for their freedom for the actions of an investor or entrepreneur, as well as for the ability to use various services and advantages provided by a named selected Zone. Experts who invest in a business in Dubai may not enter into partnerships by opening a company in the FEZ. This means that the company in the FEZ is 100% owned by a foreign investor or entrepreneur.

4 - Impressive venues for business meetings;

Does your business need ongoing business meetings? Then the conference rooms in the constructed skyscrapers will pleasantly surprise you, and most importantly, they will surprise your potential customers and help push them to make decisions in your favor.

5 - High standard of living;

In the UAE there are a lot of advantages not only for doing business, but also for everyday life and relaxation with your family. The government invests huge amounts in such areas as medicine, education, security, leisure, etc.

6 - Obtaining resident status;

By starting a business in Dubai you have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the Emirates for yourself and your family members.