21 07 2020

8 business ideas in Dubai with minimal business investment


The issue of choosing a business for investment is very important. It is desirable that the business requires minimal costs and is provided with a high level of demand and profitability.

We offer 8 business ideas that do not require huge investments.

1 - Advertising sector;

Marketing plays a huge role in the development of any business. The right marketing strategy for promoting your brand can bring you huge profits by attracting new customers. It doesn’t matter how good your product / service is if no one knows about it. The advertising business is very profitable, and the demand for marketing services is only growing. More and more businessmen understand the importance of promoting their brand, use the services of marketers and achieve the desired result.

This sector is well developed in the UAE. You can offer your services in many different ways. Setup of such a business is no different from the setup and registration of any other business.

2 - Consulting services;

In our fast-paced world, a business must meet current needs, trends and even be proactive in order to achieve commercial success. Consulting organizations in various fields can help with this, for example, in advertising, business management, IT, security and others. The situation with the demand for these services is the same as in the advertising business - demand is steadily rising from year to year.

3 - Green business;

Business with an emphasis on ecology is gaining popularity around the world, and the UAE is not left behind, but rather is the leader in opening enterprises in this area. The main advantage of this type of activity is cost reduction by optimizing the use of resources. According to recent studies, people more often choose precisely those manufacturers who are trying to positively affect the environment. Popular areas of green business include selling organic products, breeding bees, landscaping offices and homes, cleaning ducts, etc.

4 - IT sphere;

Given that the Dubai Government has set the goal of becoming the smartest city in the world by 2021, the development of information technology is strongly encouraged and supported by the state. At the moment, we can safely say that the Emirates is one of the most technologically oriented countries in the Middle East, thanks to the introduction and improvement of online services offered to the country population.

An additional plus is the absence of a corporate tax and a large number of talented personnel located in the country.

5 - Real estate;

If a businessman invests in real estate in Dubai, then he gains the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. This factor attracts a large flow of investors who want to not only purchase real estate with growing demand, but also become a resident of the UAE. It is worth noting that obtaining profitability through the purchase of residential and commercial real estate in the UAE is one of the most profitable types of business.

6 - Tourism;

Choosing this direction, you definitely will not lose. In just a year, Dubai hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists. People strive with their own eyes to see all the beauties of this country and take advantage of simplified taxation to conduct their own business.

7 – HR Agency;

Every year, thousands of new companies are opened in Dubai need highly qualified employees. Perhaps it can be you and your company who will be able to help them with the search and selection of employees. Moreover, investments in this business are minimal.

8 - E-commerce;

Revenues in this area are likely to reach the level of 4.5 trillion US dollars by 2021. Every day more and more people opt for online shopping. Why go shopping and spend your precious time on it, if you can buy everything you need with your phone or laptop. Take advantage of simplified taxation in the UAE and conduct this business from anywhere in the world.