13 08 2020

Attractiveness of Dubai for foreign investors


All people strive to find a better place to live, where they can close all their needs and grow up as individuals. A favorable environment is especially important for entrepreneurs, because the cost of a mistake can be the loss of business and everything that has been achieved. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to be especially careful when choosing a region for developing and starting a business.

There are virtually no borders in the world today. “Citizenship” as a concept is not the basis for building a business. Thanks to geopolitical processes in the UAE, Free Economic Zones (FEZ) were created. To improve their economies, many countries have also started to create Free Trade Zones and apply this strategy following a successful project to attract foreign investors to the UAE. Since 1985, Free Economic Zones have appeared on the territory of "Jebel Ali", so we can say that this period was the rapid beginning of the development of the region. Thus, Dubai has become a pioneer in this sector.

At the moment, a continuous economic crisis is raging in Europe, as well as a noticeably weakening of former countries of the Soviet Union. Many disadvantages are found in the United States, pushing businessmen to develop their activities in other regions. Most often, Dubai becomes an oasis for entrepreneurs, as this Emirate has a package of advantages for foreign businessmen.

What attracts foreign entrepreneurs to Dubai?

- the constant (stable) position of the country in economy and politics;

- financial system and its reliability;

- fight against bureaucracy and corruption;

- lack of state levies for income;

- relatively low electricity tariffs;

- modern and constantly developing infrastructure;

- cheap labor, visitors from countries such as India, Pakistan, etc.;

- readiness of the government to be loyal;

- opening companies of any type, both offshore and onshore in the Free Economic Zones;

- high quality of life;

- dirham - national currency, stably pegged to the dollar;

- low crime rate;

- lack of unemployment, etc.

Also, one can note medicine, the level of which is assessed by foreign citizens as one of the leading, relatively inexpensive housing, the ability to rent commercial real estate and much more.