23 07 2020

Benefits of doing business in Dubai over other countries


The world is changing very quickly, therefore, those who adapt to these changes begin to pull ahead. In this article, we will look at what benefits await you when doing business in the Emirates - the country of the world's economic leader in the Middle East.

The most famous advantages in the UAE are:

- the ability to own a company for 100%;

- confidentiality and security;

- tax exemption.

Today we see that jurisdictions such as Cyprus and the Baltic States are losing ground. Mainly due to various sanctions. This causes mistrust among many investors and forces them to transfer their funds to other jurisdictions. The most popular is the United Arab Emirates.

Now let's move on to the specific facts that make the UAE a place for more profitable business.

Fact 1 - Taxes:

- no taxes on income, real estate, property, capital. This applies to individuals and legal entities. The only tax is VAT at only 5%;

- You can use profits and capital without restrictions.

Fact 2 - Corporate Rules:

- lack of publicly available information about the company's shareholders, namely, the lack of a public register;

- your data will be completely confidential;

- there is no need to rent a physical office for some types of companies to open.

Fact 3 - Finance:

- protection of your investments;

- stable rate of the national currency in relation to the dollar - proved by a period of time of 20 years;

- the lowest possible level of crime;

- constantly improving banking system.

Fact 4 - Logistics:

- by plane you can get from Moscow or almost any city in Europe to Dubai in just 5-7 hours;

- the whole world is open for you to send any cargo.

Compared to other countries:

- The United Arab Emirates are not part of the EU and they are not affected by the rules of the European Union;

- There are no Emirates in the “black lists” of offshore companies;

- There is no information exchange with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

If you have a stamp in your passport confirming your visit to the United Arab Emirates, you can register the company remotely, without arriving in the UAE, which will greatly save time and resources.