20 07 2020

Dress code rules in Dubai and the UAE


Arriving in the UAE, you must consider the rules of etiquette and dress code that prevail in the region. They also include rules regarding clothing: beachwear in Dubai, casual clothes, business clothes in Dubai, clothing for public places. There are some requirements in the region due to ethical and traditional standards.

It is worth considering that more than 80% of the population of the UAE is Muslim. In the Emirates, religion and related customs play a very important role. Fortunately, the UAE has a very tolerant society, which understands and respects the needs of tourists, business people or people of a different culture.

    • Casual clothing in Dubai:

If you characterize the daily dress code in Dubai with one word, it will be a word - modesty. General recommendation - try to keep the maximum number of body parts closed. For example, for travelers, compliance with the dress code will be a closed back and shoulders, as well as trousers or skirts below the knee. Surprisingly, in such a dry and hot climate, wearing long pants will be more comfortable than it seems at first glance. For women, the same general recommendation applies, clothing should hide as many parts of the body as possible. Forget about short skirts or tight-fitting trousers, replace them with a long skirt or dress.

    • Business dress code in the UAE:

If you have a business meeting planned, do not forget about the business dress code. As previously written, the business dress code in Dubai involves simple but very important rules. As usual, men can wear the same business clothes as in their home country. It can be a business suit and closed shoes.

By following these simple tips, you are sure to avoid some unpleasant and awkward situations.