21 07 2020

Innovative development in the United Arab Emirates


In April 2019, an innovation center has been opened in the Emirates Tower building in Dubai. The main goal of the center work is to analyze and research the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on the development of the region as a whole.

The development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, the introduction of artificial intelligence in medicine, transport, politics or any other medium is the main goal on the path to robotization and the installation of autonomous control systems.

Innovative research provides the country with an influx of not only foreign capital and financing global projects, but also highly qualified specialists in various technological fields.

Scientific and technological progress creates a highly productive and stable economy, aimed at ensuring the prosperity of all residents of the UAE in the future.

The main areas of scientific and technological development in the UAE include:

•   Space exploration;

•   Biotechnical research;

•   Artificial Intelligence;

•   Research in the field of renewable energy resources;

•   Technical safety and more.