30 08 2020

Reasons for choosing Dubai for business setup


Residents of Europe and the CIS countries, because of a dysfunctional life, are looking for ways to leave their countries and move to the hospitable countries of the Middle East. This decision was caused by a difficult economic situation and such shortcomings as: excessive taxes, corruption and its ensuing consequences, high energy prices, expensive real estate, and lack of bank secrecy.

What are the benefits of starting a business in Dubai?

Dubai is attractive for doing business, and this is confirmed by many ratings in which Dubai occupies a leading position. All this is not accidental, since it is very easy to register a company here. The created company, taking into account all the nuances, will still bring good profit. And also, if you have any difficulties during registration, you can ask for help from the specialists of consulting and law firms.

Benefits of starting a business in Dubai:

1- GDP per capita, economic indicators and living standards are very high. A large flow of tourists, migration of the working population, the influx of foreign investors contribute to the fact that in Dubai you can develop any business and be sure of its success;

2- The UAE is characterized by a soft tax policy. Businessmen doing business in Dubai do not pay state taxes on profits, which are common in other countries. The exceptions are oil, banking and some other sectors that are inaccessible to middle-income businessmen. The government of the company has signed an agreement on the suppression of double taxation with more than fifty countries.

3- After opening a company in Dubai (does not include offshore companies), you will become the holder of a resident visa, which will allow you to legally reside and work in the UAE.

4- The banking system and banks in Dubai are reliable and also provide a high level of confidentiality. The banking system is characterized by the coherence of services, convenient and completely protected from fraudsters Internet banking, a simple procedure for opening an account, and not expensive service.

5- Freedom from bureaucracy, nepotism, corruption and other unacceptable phenomena in the UAE. This freedom attracts businessmen from all over the world. Indeed, it is important for business that there is an understandable, regulated and transparent system in which it is possible to conduct business.

6- The rate of growth of the real estate market is breaking all records. Finding a place to live with your family or an office to accommodate employees will not take much of your time. There are a wide variety of options on the market. Do not forget that when registering an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates, you do not receive the right to rent office space for your needs.

7- There are no restrictions on the type of company to open. It can be a local company (a local sponsor is required), which has the right to conduct business in Dubai, an onshore company registered in the FEZ with the right to own of a 100% stake for a foreign investor, an offshore company that can be managed from anywhere in the world.