21 07 2020

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum - 8 principles of governance of the UAE


Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum became the ruler of Dubai in 2006. Also, in 2006, he accepted the post of Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE. From 1968 to 2006 he worked for the good of the Motherland as Head of the Police, Head of the Security Services and Minister of Defense of the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum holds the post of Minister of Defense of the UAE to this day. In 2019, 50 years have passed since the day he took office.

Based on his vision, experience, tolerance and the idea of equality, Sheikh Mohammed created 8 principles of UAE governance that have successfully made the UAE one of the most attractive countries for business and life in the world.

1. Union - the basis on which the country rests;

UAE consists of 7 Emirates, with its own characteristics and laws. However, the laws of each emirate are closely interwoven with the laws of the whole country. The interests of the Union are above local and regional interests. The laws and priorities of the Union are above all local and regional laws and priorities. The strength of the UAE is in unity.

2. The rule of law;

Justice and equality are the foundations that guarantee the comprehensive development and prosperity of the country. The law in the UAE should not separate men and women, Muslims, poor and rich. The law is one for all! Justice should be administered to all equally.

3. The business capital of the world;

The UAE Government is making efforts to bring the Emirates to the list of the most economically developed and promising countries in the world with unlimited business opportunities. Dubai is politically neutral, does not carry out political activities to strengthen its competitiveness.

4. 3 keys of stable growth;

The active and open development of the private sector, the competitiveness of the state and its stable development are the basis for the stable growth and development of the economy in the UAE, job creation and future generations.

5. The uniqueness and openness of society;

Society in the UAE is tolerant, not committed to stereotypes or discrimination. More than 80% of people living in the UAE are foreigners; therefore, society respects other cultures and national characteristics.

6. Diversification of the economy;

The main goal of development is the creation of new sectors of the economy and their comprehensive development. A diversified economy creates jobs, increases the competitiveness of the state, and increases the country's GDP.

7. The UAE - land of talents;

The UAE is a worldwide technology hub. The Government does everything to attract talented, unique specialists from all over the world, gives them the opportunity to develop and improve, nourishes and stimulates talent in all its directions.

8. Caring for the future, for future generations;

The UAE Government is doing everything possible to ensure that future generations are provided with a comfortable and productive market environment for economic development. The Government is trying to create various assets for future generations, the value of which should exceed the country's annual budget by 20 times.