29 09 2020

Signing of agreement between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel


September 15, 2020 happened one of the most significant moments for the entire Middle East - the signing of an agreement on the normalization of relations between Israel and Bahrain, as well as between Israel and the UAE.

In this momentous event, the main participants were: Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Benjamin Netanyahu and Abdulatif bin Rashid Al Zayani. The agreement was signed in 3 languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Donald Trump was also at the ceremony, he announced that 5 or 6 countries have shown their willingness to sign a similar agreement with Israel. The specific names of the countries have not yet been disclosed, but significant progress has been noted in the negotiation process.

Trump said: “The agreement on the normalization of relations will undoubtedly lead to a comprehensive peace in the entire region. No one could have imagined or predicted such a result”.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the agreement will contribute to the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict and will help to conclude peace with many other Arab countries.

- “This is a historic day. Now the era of a new world is dawning. And this world will only expand among other Arab countries!” - Netanyahu said.

The Israeli Prime Minister thanked the US President for his contribution to the establishment of peace between Israel and the Arab countries. He called for a sense of this historic moment and showed full confidence in the long-term agreement.

The UAE Foreign Minister said: - “Finally, we can tell the whole world some really good news. The suffering for our region is over.” Also, the minister expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of Israel for a decisive step towards peace, as well as for an exemplary example for the younger generation in the formation of a bright future.

Abdulatif bin Rashid Al Zayani said: - “We need to make every effort on both sides to resolve the difficult situation. And you need to act now. The basis for peace will be the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

In the near future, a bilateral agreement may be signed between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, which affects tourism, investment, technology, culture, healthcare, embassies, etc.