27 07 2020

The process of trademark registration in the UAE


The process of  trademark registration in the Emirates usually takes 12 months from the filing of the application and includes an examination. The registration process itself can take up to 2 years. In a situation where the National Patent Office discovers identity with a similar trademark during the examination process, the registration of such a trademark may be refused.

The cost of registration may depend on whether an individual or a legal entity is a registrant. For legal entities, the cost of registration is almost 2 times higher.

If the trademark complies with all the rules and regulations, you will receive a certificate confirming the ownership of the trademark for 10 years. If one trademark is registered, then only one class of product should be indicated. After submitting the application, within 30 days from the date of submission, a claim may be submitted containing objections to the registration of TM.

Registration of all trademarks in the Emirates is simplified as the country is not a member of some international agreements. For example, the Madrid Agreement on the Registration of Trademarks. However, there are also limitations due to traditional features. The logo should not contain images of alcohol or some animals, such as a pig

How to apply for a trademark registration?

1. First of all, you need to fill out an appropriate application for TM registration. The fastest way is to file an application with the National Patent Office. On the official website of the NPS, you can submit an online application.

2. Package of documents for a trademark registration:

    - completed application with information about the applicant, registration data and certified copies of constituent documents for legal entities and personal data for individuals;

    - copies of all necessary documents that confirm the existence of a functioning business in the UAE;

    - power of attorney certified by the consulate, certified translation into Arabic;

    - image of the registered trademark in electronic form and on paper.