21 07 2020

Women entrepreneurs in the UAE. Women's business development


For the first half of 2020, more than 60% of the issued business licenses were obtained by women entrepreneurs. The most popular types of business for women in the UAE were IT services, online sales, personal services, event administration, food or clothing production, and training services.

There are many benefits for women in business in the UAE. The state strongly supports and encourages women's entrepreneurship by adopting legal reforms and the creation of special development funds.

1. The UAE is considered one of the most modernized, tolerant and developed countries of the Persian Gulf. The UAE Constitution states that equality, solidarity and justice for all citizens is the foundation of society. The state understands that the development of all types of business in all areas has a positive effect on the economy. And the development of women's entrepreneurship doubles the country's economic potential.

2. It is no secret that women are multifunctional, their intuition is developed at a higher level, women are able to come up with a solution for the most difficult business situations. In the UAE, women entrepreneurs are able to organize and develop a business 2 times faster than men, due to their natural qualities and advantages.

3. In half of cases investment funds and a business incubator give priority to financing or cooperation with women entrepreneurs, since statistically women are able to reach the desired level of business development with investments 50% less than investments in a similar male project. Women learn faster, what gives them even more business benefits.

4. In 40% of cases, more potential suppliers agree to cooperate with companies run by women. Also, women entrepreneurs are provided with more favorable purchase prices for products or services.

5. One of the significant advantages of women in business is their natural quality of accountability. It will not be difficult for women to keep accounts and submit reports on time, that in turn saves them from having to pay various late fees.

6. All conditions are created for beginner women entrepreneurs in the UAE. During the company registration, fewer bureaucratic quibbles will be applied to a woman. Licensing fees or registration fees for business representatives in some Free Zones are 50% less.

Of course, it is worth noting that the UAE is still a Muslim country in which the Sharia law is the main law. Over the past 20 years, significant changes have taken place in the UAE regarding the social and economic aspects of women's lives. What can a female entrepreneur in the UAE get today? Almost everything that men have, and even more!

    • Free access to all infrastructure, offices, premises, services, shops, training, etc.

    • Access to residency;

    • Access to the banking system and banks in the UAE;

    • Access to suppliers and resources;

    • Access to investment funds;

    • Access to both regional and international markets.

The UAE is open to businessmen of all genders. Being in the ranking of countries with easy business in the highest positions, the UAE gives absolutely all businessmen from all over the world the opportunity to develop.