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Company formation

Company formation

Analyzing what are the advantages of starting a business in the Emirates, as well as considering one of the most popular ways to open a business in the UAE, many foreign investors choose the Emirates to start their commercial activities.

Here is a list of significant benefits of company formation in the Emirates:

    1. The United Arab Emirates is in first place in terms of competitiveness in the Middle East region, as well as in 17th place worldwide.

    2. Since 1971, the country's GDP has increased more than in 230 times. This growth is due to the large reserves of hydrocarbons, the development of aviation and transport hubs and, of course, the liberal environment for businessmen.

    3. Some of the best offshore instruments are free to use in Dubai, which is very attractive for foreign investors.

    4. Although the UAE offers some of the best tax conditions in the world, however, the country is not blacklisted as offshore tax haven.

    5. No tax for foreign businessmen and their employees.

    6. Simplified mechanism for submitting financial statements. No need for an annual audit.

    7. No income or commercial taxes. Only if business conducts in the domestic market of the UAE, the company is subject to VAT at the rate of 5%.

The opportunity to create a business in the FEZ is open for you. These Zones have their own laws and rules for doing business; these are separate jurisdictions located throughout the UAE. Each of the Zones is dedicated to specific activities. Today, more than 50 such Zones have been created in the UAE.

What will you get by opening a business in the Free Zones?

- You will be able to own 100% of the company's shares as a foreign owner.

- When doing business with Free Zones, you will be exempt from export and import duties, as well as from corporate tax for 50 years.

- You will not have any restrictions on the withdrawal of capital or earned profit outside the UAE. There is no exchange control.

- You will have at your disposal modern warehouses, office premises with affordable conditions.

- Your workers will be able to live in special working hostels, which are located in the Free Zones.

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