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Free Zone Companies

Free Zone Companies

Foreign investors looking for the most profitable ways to start a business in the United Arab Emirates should be aware of the large number of Free Economic Zones with their own advantages of registration and business setup. Formatting a company in the Free Zone, you will no longer need the services of a local partner. For local companies such opportunities as: selling drugs outside the UAE, trading in oil outside the UAE, and others are unavailable. Tax-free status and low export and import duties will be an advantage for you if you decide to form a company in the Free Economic Zone.

The UAE has over forty free zones that can be used to conduct any type of activity. The most famous of them are: Um Al Quwain Zone, Ras Al Khaimah Zone, 25 Zones located in Dubai and Sharjah.

The list of additional benefits for people opening a company in a Free Zone includes:

• lack of currency control;

• low transportation costs;

• low electricity prices;

• low wages;

• full foreign ownership;

• visa for a period of three years;

• fully finished offices.

To attract the largest number of foreign investors, the government of the United Arab Emirates has made the process of company registration very simple. If you are considering the option of starting a business in the UAE, we suggest to take a closer look at this option. At the moment, you have the opportunity to open 3 types of company:

• Branch of a foreign or local company;

• a company in the Free Zone (FZE) with 1 shareholder;

• a company in the Free Zone (FZC) - with 2-5 shareholders.

In the process of company formation, you have to spend a lot of time and take into account a lot of nuances, therefore we advise you to turn to specialists who are able to quickly and professionally collect and prepare all the necessary documents and register as soon as possible.