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Mainland company

Mainland company

Let's start with the fact that if your activity is not specific, that means that you do not need special permits and the process of starting a business in the UAE is easy and painless.

The first thing that an entrepreneur who decides to open a business in the UAE should start with is to decide what type of company he will register. There are 3 types of companies available in Dubai. Companies with the LLC type are most often registered outside the Free Economic Zones in the UAE.

This type of company should be registered if your activity relates to trade, service, restaurant business and other activities that operate within the UAE market.

The main advantage of LLC-type companies is the right to conduct business within the Arab Emirates, as well as participate in public procurement. Also, there is a very important nuance, a foreign investor has the right to own a maximum of 49% of the company's shares, the rest must be owned by a UAE citizen. There is a common plan of action in this case - the signing of an additional agreement, which states that the local partner does not claim to vote, ownership and dividends from the company. Usually, an annual fixed remuneration for the partner is negotiated.

During LLC registration in Dubai, you will need to obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development. Some companies need the obligatory fact of registration with the DEA in order to obtain a license.

If your activity is related to medical services, tourism, education, etc., then you will need a special type of license, to obtain it you must provide additional permissions and documents. You can get a license of this type in the Department of Economic Development.

During the process of registering a company with a general license, it should be understood that such companies are eligible for special regulation. You will need to provide a detailed description of the business and follow the specific rules regarding share capital. If comparing clearance costs, a regular trade license costs significantly less than a general trade license.

What are the 10 steps to start an LLC?

1. Decide what kind of activity you will be engaged in, and what name your company will have;

2. Study the licensing requirements;

3. Find a UAE citizen for partnership;

4. Continue registering the company and make all necessary payments;

5. By applying a special provision on licensing, first, you need to obtain all permits, and then, deal with the registration;

6. Find and rent an office;

7. Open a bank account;

8. Complete all business registration;

9. At this stage, we recommend you to start building the necessary connections and infrastructure;

10. After the business is registered and functioning, you can get a residence permit for yourself and your employees.

As for the registration costs, there is a direct dependence of the price on the chosen type of activity. The entire registration process may seem complicated and confusing, in order to avoid complications, we suggest you seek advice.