21 07 2020

Registration of startups in the UAE


The availability of affordable venture capital, government support, a dynamic economy, a high standard of living and other positive features of the region have made the UAE one of the most popular countries for the development of Startup projects. Funding in the UAE to support small and medium innovative and promising businesses is allocated very actively. A young entrepreneur with a limited budget is given the opportunity to use the help of business incubators if he is interested in starting a new business.

Impact Hub Dubai is one of the largest communities of entrepreneurs in the UAE, offers a coworking spaces and innovative laboratories, as well as various training seminars and programs.

AstroLabs Digital & Tech is a community for meeting and sharing knowledge in the digital and technical space, a place where startups learn and grow.

Krypto Labs is a business incubator funded by investment firm Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG) and helps startups to market their ideas.

Dubai Future Accelerators is an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation (Dubai government), created for collaboration between government agencies and promising IT businessmen. Selected entrepreneurs are provided with free housing, air tickets and equipped workplaces.

The main economic features of the UAE that attract businessmen from all over the world include:

● no income tax for companies in free zones;

● the possibility of attracting state and private investment;

● residence permit for owners and employees of companies;

● developed infrastructure - offices, transport, housing;

● high level of income of the population.

● labor market - availability of highly qualified specialists;

● fast process of company registration for startups;

● territorial features of the UAE;

Any young business based on an original idea requires favorable starting conditions. The UAE attracts interested investors and highly qualified professionals from all over the world who are ready to provide these conditions.