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Offshore Company

Offshore Company

The UAE is a paradise for those who want to conduct international trade through an offshore company. UAE companies have an affordable opportunity to trade with Africa and the Middle East without any administrative obligations. Offshore companies are characterized by the following areas of business:

    • international trade;

    • provision of consulting services;

    • holding;

    • shipping companies;

    • acquisition and ownership of real estate.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in opening an offshore company. And we will introduce you with both in this article.

The main advantages of opening an offshore company in the UAE are:

    • a relatively quick business registration process;

    • the opportunity to profitably open a corporate bank account;

    • all documents are bilingual (English and Arabic), which significantly improves the work with investors from all over the world.

There are also the following disadvantages:

    • there is no possibility to carry out trade in the territory of the Emirates;

    • a ban on renting local premises for a warehouse or office;

    • it is forbidden to hire UAE residents; employees of an offshore company do not have the right to a residence permit;

    • a ban on investment in real estate located in the UAE;

    • the process of opening a bank account is relatively complicated.

From the above, the main advantage of an offshore company can be distinguished - you do not have to pay corporate tax, it does not matter which business direction you choose. Also, you have the opportunity to open a corporate bank account in the UAE.