20 07 2020

5 reasons to open an offshore company in the UAE


Every year, more and more entrepreneurs from all over the world choose the UAE to open companies and develop their own business. And it’s not just that. Emirates have great business attractiveness for both entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. We present you the five main advantages of registering an offshore company in the UAE:

1. Almost complete freedom from taxes;

Undoubtedly, this is the main advantage, because entrepreneurs are exempt from income and corporate taxes, as well as from import and export taxes. To do this, you must register an offshore company in the Free Economic Zone.

2. Strong confidentiality;

You can choose the UAE to protect your business from dishonorable competitors and other attacks. The state guarantees you complete anonymity and security of information about the shareholders of an offshore company. These data are in the public domain and may be disclosed only if there is a special permit. The UAE has no obligations to other states, so you can not worry about the leak of commercial and personal information.

3. Convenience to international activities;

    •  One of the main advantages is its favorable location. If you look at the map, you can see that the UAE is located practically at an equal distance from all the largest business centers, such as Europe, Asia, Africa and so on. The location helps to organize the transportation of any cargo with the help of the large availability of airports and seaports.

    •  The second one advantage is the constant development and construction of office centers, transport interchanges, warehouses and other infrastructure elements to attract investment.

    •  The third one is the presence of branches of the largest world and local banks. All banking operations can be carried out in the currency of your partners, without the need for conversion into dirhams.

4. The speed of registration and ease of doing business;

In the UAE, the authorities are helping foreign businessmen in every possible way and welcomes the opening of offshore companies. Opening an offshore company takes only 3-5 days. An offshore does not need to have a license to conduct business. You do not even need to have an office or a production room, which reduces costs.

Annual meetings are allowed to be held absolutely anywhere in the world. And the delivery of financial statements is optional, even with the withdrawal of 100% of income or capital abroad.

5. High trust;

An offshore company registered in the United Arab Emirates, undoubtedly, causes more confidence among potential customers, and you can not worry about your reputation. UAE is not included in the black list of offshore zones.