23 07 2020

Benefits of opening an offshore company in Dubai


In simple terms “offshore” means that there is a business or investment registered outside the country of residence in special jurisdictions.

The main reason for registering an offshore company is doing business at the international level and, most importantly, minimizing tax costs. In some jurisdictions, the opening of an offshore company involves the complete absence of any taxes, which clearly improves the financial condition of the company and helps it develop at a rapid pace.

Rules for opening and running an offshore company:

- During registration, you must strictly adhere to the regulations and laws of the jurisdiction.

- An offshore company does not have the right to conduct business in the territory of the jurisdiction in which it is incorporated.

Now let's move on to the list of the main advantages obtained during registration of an offshore company in Dubai:

- Complete confidentiality;

- No need to spend money on accounting;

- Judicial protection and legislation have a flexible structure;

- Your assets will be under reliable protection;

- Increase your presence and influence in the market;

- Ability to conduct business around the world;

- Diversification of finance at the international level;

- Using an offshore company as an intermediary in the work of your company with foreign ones;

- Lack of a register of shareholders in the public domain;

- Bank accounts can be opened in different currencies;

- Complete freedom from taxes;

- A foreign investor can own a company 100%;

- Complete freedom from customs duties;

- It is not necessary to have a physical office;

- Fast and affordable company registration process, takes only 2-3 days;

- Complete repatriation of investments as well as profits;

- Trust and prestige from partners and suppliers;

- Lack of strict rules on reporting and regulatory requirements;

- An offshore company can own stocks, real estate and other assets;