27 07 2020

Opening an offshore company for online business


In this article we will tell you about the features of opening an online offshore company in the UAE, and what advantages await you.

If we compare offline and online business, then the second can be considered as a young and rapidly developing area. Therefore, regulation at the legislative level is not fully formed, which can play into the hands of entrepreneurs with online business.

If your goal is to minimize tax expenses, then you definitely need to open an online offshore company. This can be done in one of the tax havens around the world. The offshore company completely frees you from the tax burden and guarantees complete confidentiality of the owner's data. Having an offshore company, you can easily keep your funds in the most reliable banks in the world by opening a bank account with them.

For example, when registering an offshore company in the UAE, you can provide your online services and host servers there. Also, in addition to providing services online, you will have the opportunity to sell goods all over the world.

Distinctive features of an online offshore company for running your own business:

And so, now the question arises: - "How to properly organize a business with all established processes?" The best option would be a situation, when such stages as accepting orders and payments take place through the company's foreign website; also, your servers must be placed inside the offshore zone. Why is this done? To optimize taxes. There is a zero tax rate in the offshore zone, and the servers are placed for protection, because the security factor in the 21st century plays a significant role. If we consider the stages of delivery of goods, then it is better to place this part of the business in the territory where the buyers of your goods will be located.

It is necessary to go through three steps to open an online offshore company.

1. The first step is to choose the right jurisdiction, that will meet your requirements and objectives. For example, if not only tax freedom is important to you, but also, you want to have complete confidentiality and an excellent reputation for your company, then, definitely, we advise you to choose the United Arab Emirates. This is the place where the benefits of zero taxes and duties, the security of offshore owner data and an impeccable reputation are combined. At the initial stage of doing business, reputation plays a fundamental role in the further growth and development of the company.

2. The second stage will be the transfer of the domain to offshore, the acquisition of hosting space and the general organization of the virtual office.

3. The third stage, depending on where you will carry out your activities, is the choice of a payment system. If your turnover is up to $ 20,000, then the best option is DalPay, with a turnover of $ 50,000 - Merchant.