23 07 2020

Options for using an offshore company in Dubai


The range of opportunities for an offshore company is the same as for other local companies. Offshore companies can sell various goods, provide services, open accounts in banking institutions, own their property and, of course, conclude contracts. Very good news for those who decided to open an offshore IBC (International Business Company), in this case there is no need to pay tax on the territory of their permanent residence.

And so, let's move on to the list of areas in which you can use offshore:

International trade;

This type of offshore company is called a trading company. Such a company can be registered in the offshore zone of your choice. For example, it can take on the task of direct telephone conversations with customers, while the delivery of a product or service takes place at the manufacturer's premises or at the point of purchase. The profit from the transaction will be accumulated in the account of the offshore company.

Provision of professional services;

An offshore company has every right to provide professional services by advising its clients. Of the benefits of conducting this activity through an offshore can single out the ease of management and the absence of taxes.

Offshore IBC can own real estate in Dubai;

There are many reasons to buy property in Dubai through an IBC offshore company. The most obvious reason is that inheritance is straightforward.

Why is this an important factor? Because if the property is in the possession of an individual, then, under any unfavorable or unforeseen circumstances, the bank account and all property in possession will be frozen. Next, you need to expect a Sharia court order from the local court. Accidents don't happen to the company. Offshore shareholders can own agreed shares. As a result, ownership of property does not come from an individual, but from a company.

Why do we advise you to invest and purchase property in Dubai from an offshore IBC company registered in Dubai? Because in case of trouble, this will help your family avoid the difficulties associated with inheritance rights. Also, you can avoid property transfer fees on sale by selling the company itself.

Use offshore investment;

Offshore company IBC has the right to own shares of other companies in the Arab Emirates or foreign companies. Also, the offshore company guarantees you the confidentiality of information about shareholders.

Intellectual property;

You can register a patent, trademark or copyright through an offshore IBC. Also, a company can sell or buy intellectual property rights.

Registration as a holding;

An IBC offshore company can be incorporated as a holding company. This is done to manage the entire business as a single holding structure.