21 07 2020

Buying property in Dubai for holiday purposes


Buying a vacation property is very popular in Dubai. Especially for such purposes, people prefer to buy real estate in the areas: “Jumeirah Beach Residence”, “Dubai Marina”, “Palm Jumeirah” and “Downtown Dubai”.

The reason why more and more people are buying holiday homes in Dubai is the big package of benefits.

    • Obtaining a resident visa through buying property in Dubai:

We call it a “nice bonus” because it really is. A profitable purchase of real estate available not in every country. You have the opportunity to obtain a resident visa if the value of the property you are purchasing is at least 1 million dirhams (about 270,000 US dollars).

It is very beneficial to have a vocation property and a resident visa for frequent trips to Dubai. A visa does not have a limit on the number of entries and exits from one country to another. After the expiration, visa can be easily extended for another 3 years.

     • Your property will be tax free;

Usually, real estate ownership involves the regular payment of taxes on this same property. But, if you are buying property in Dubai, you will be exempt from any taxes.

As a result, if you do not use your property for commercial purposes, then you can easily visit Dubai an unlimited number of times and stay in your house or apartment.

    • Year-round warm climate;

A significant advantage in buying property in Dubai is the climate. Dubai beckons with its sunny and clean beaches, stunning warm and comfortable climate.

    • A lot of ways to relax;

A trip to Dubai is associated not only with warm weather and beaches, but also with many ways to have a good time. At your disposal is the tallest building in the world, the largest shopping center in the world, a huge number of various interesting objects and attractions.

Dubai at night is something that truly captivates even the most sophisticated tourists. Night life in Dubai boils no worse than a day-life: there are many different events, night safaris, club parties and much more.