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Resident visa in the UAE

Resident visa in the UAE

Due to territorial and economic factors, more than 80% of the population in the UAE are foreign immigrants who came to the UAE to work and develop business. Also, the UAE is one of the most favorite tourist destinations and is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

To protect the country from unwanted illegal immigrants, the government maintains a visa regime and carefully checks all data. Therefore, all visitors to the UAE must apply for an appropriate visa. Citizens of the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) do not need a visa to enter the UAE.

The standard and mandatory documents for applying for a visa are:

● Questionnaire with filled information;

● Color copy of the passport;

● Confirmation of payment of the consular fee (approximately $ 100);

● Security deposit (for example, if the visa is issued to an unmarried girl).

The list of required documents may differ depending on the type of visa you are requesting.

The visa application procedure is fairly straightforward, and you can handle the tourist visa application yourself. Typically, the visa process takes 2-3 days, but sometimes it can be delayed if the State Immigration Department has doubts about the authenticity of your documents and additional verification is required.

Types of UAE visas:

1. Tourist visa - issued for a period of 30 to 90 days. For citizens of some countries and countries of the European Union, it is issued upon arrival in the UAE without paying consular fees or duties. Visa cost starts from 350 dirham (100 $)

2. Visitor visa - issued for relatives of UAE citizens. It costs about 1000 dirham (270 $) to issue a visitor visa;

3. Transit visa - issued for a one-time visit to the country and for a period of up to 96 hours after providing plane tickets with a window between flights over 8 hours;

4. Educational visa - issued for a period of 60 days, can be extended for the same period 4 times. Issued for study at UAE universities.

5. Medical visa - issued for 90 days to receive treatment in licensed medical centers in the UAE;

6. Resident visa (residence permit) is a long-term visa issued for a period of 2 years or more. You can get a resident visa in the following cases:

    ● Get a job and get an employment visa;

    ● Open a company in a FEZ or outside a FEZ with the right to obtain visas and obtain an investor visa;

    ● Purchase real estate in the amount of 1 million dirhams (about 270 thousand dollars).

To enter the country and obtain a resident employment visa by the employer, the employee is issued a temporary employment visa for a period of 30 days with the right to enter the UAE.