16 09 2020

How to immigrate to Dubai with the whole family?


In this article we will tell you how to move the whole family to Dubai, what you need for this, and how best to use all the opportunities provided.

First of all, to move to Dubai with the whole family one family member needs to obtain a resident visa, and then go through the stage of visa processing for the rest.

There are several ways to obtain a resident visa in Dubai:

- you can get an official job in the UAE;

- you can invest in real estate in Dubai or any other property in the United Arab Emirates, the investment amount starts from 1 million dirhams;

- you can register a company in the UAE.

Resident visa application and extension process in Dubai.

An investor can obtain a resident visa by opening a business in the United Arab Emirates. The visa has a validity period of 3 years, then the investor has the right to extend the visa for the next three years. The renewal can take place an unlimited number of times. To obtain a visa, registration of a company outside the free zone is suitable, as well as a company inside the free zone.

What is a FEZ? FEZ is a separate jurisdiction within any Emirate with its own rules and laws for forming and liquidating a company. You can set up a business inside the FEZ. The rules governing the activities of enterprises differ in different free zones. Each FEZ has its own distinctive features and beneficial offers for specific areas of activity.

To renew the visa validity period, the resident needs to visit the United Arab Emirates at least every six months. Also, you need to pay the annual fee for the renewal of the registered company through which the visas were issued. It is worth noting that the actual implementation of commercial activities on the part of the company is not a factor affecting the extension of the validity of a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates.

If you have any questions, please ask our specialist. We will be happy to consult and help you solve your problems.