30 08 2020

Brief information about Dubai and its cultural characteristics


Dubai has become such a popular city not only thanks to oil production, but also to the great efforts of the authorities and residents in the formation and development of the city as a prosperous place where it is pleasant to live, work, rest and develop. Dubai is a destination for tourists from all over the world.

Introductory information about Dubai.

The total area of Dubai is: 3885 sq. Km. There are magnificent beach areas that wash the waters of the Persian Gulf. Dubai is divided into 2 parts thanks to the Croc channel, which runs through the city. Dubai's closest neighbors are Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The population is over 2 million. The city is ruled by Mohammed ibn Rashid al-Maktoum.

Heat for Dubai is a common thing, in summer the temperature can reach +50 degrees. Rain is very rare here and you need to get used to it.

As for the time, it is one hour ahead of Moscow time.

Dubai has a significant income thanks to its huge oil reserves, the income from oil production is $ 3 billion a year. Thanks to these conditions, Dubai was able to create a market for luxury real estate, which now plays an important role in the city's economy and attracts huge sums from abroad.

Consider some of the cultural features of Dubai:

The predominant religion among residents of Dubai is Islam. But the situation is different among visitors, where Islam is not so widespread and has a share of less than 50%.

The main and official language is Arabic. Also, it is worth noting the ubiquitous use of English. But, even if you do not know either Arabic or English, then this is not a big problem. Due to the large flow of Russian speakers, you can increasingly find Russian-speaking staff and even special signs in Malls in Russian.

When it comes to clothing, the Arabs adhere to ancient traditions, and this creates a great resonance against the backdrop of ultra-modern infrastructure. Men are characterized by white dresses and a white headdress. For women, black clothing is characteristic, which completely covers the body. A scarf is used as a headdress.

We recommend visiting museums where you can get acquainted with ritual performances and plunge into the folklore peculiarities of the country.