04 11 2020

Essential facts about healthcare in Dubai


For those who are planning to move to Dubai, we have compiled the top essential facts about Emirate health care that will definitely be usefull during immigration to the UAE.

1. The presence of insurance is a mandatory requirement for all citizens in Dubai, even for guests of the Emirate.

2. The predominant share of foreign citizens use the services of private insurance, in order to have access to more medical institutions and various medical services. Medical insurance helps to avoid the huge costs of medical services, as prices in Dubai are very high. As for the amount of insurance premiums, they are directly dependent on the current state of health and age of the person.

3. Most employers do not provide family insurance for their employees, but there are cases when employees manage to negotiate, resulting in significant savings for the whole family.

4. The United Arab Emirates is famous for harsh penalties for the use and distribution of any drugs. If the drug is approved in your country, then in the UAE it may be strictly prohibited. Therefore, be sure to check the list of prohibited drugs before traveling to Dubai. As for prescription drugs, without a prescription from a doctor, you can take them in quantities for 3 months of use, having a prescription or a copy of it, a 1 year supply is allowed. If there is no urgent need for the medicaments, it is better just not to take them with you.

5. You will not find fundamental differences between private and public clinics. Medical facilities are not divided into those that serve local citizens and those that serve expats. A person is free to choose on his own which clinic he should contact. In most cases, insurance coverage, advice from colleagues and acquaintances becomes the main choice factor. Doctors from all over the world operate in Dubai, so you will not face a shortage of qualified specialists.

6. The speed of response of emergency medical services in Dubai is calculated in minutes, everything is done as quickly as possible. But in the Emirate it is customary to call an ambulance only for real in case of emergency. For example, a car accident. If possible, it is better to use a private car or call a taxi.

7. Arab Emirates are deservedly considered a developed state, but do not forget that it is a Muslim country. Most of the medival institutions have waiting areas for women only. Initially, women are advised to contact female doctors. If a specialist of a narrow profile is represented only by the male, then in advance woman will be asked for her consent.

It can be concluded that the health care system in Dubai has high standards, goes and develops only forward. The people living here are not used to treating themselves on their own, they are used to contact specialists with full confidence.