10 09 2020

Methods of communication for tourists in the UAE


A landline telephone, cellular communication, the Internet - any means of communication in the United Arab Emirates is beyond praise. It is clear that tourists are most interested in the opportunity to call home. Since communication in the UAE is well developed, there will be no problems with this.

Free communication in the UAE is not provided, you have to pay for each call, whether it is an international, long-distance or domestic line. The most cost-effective way to call from the Emirates is from a street phone. They are literally at every step, but there are different models. There are machines that can be used by throwing coins into a special slot, which is very similar to the old machines.

Some street telephone booths work with Normal cards, which are inserted into a special device for reading information. As soon as this happened, you should dial the international connection code 007, then the code of the desired city and, in fact, the number of the called subscriber. It is clear that they cannot be used in machines that are not suitable for Normal cards.

The most versatile, and therefore very convenient, are Prepaid cards. Each of them hides a "secret number" under a special protective film, which makes it possible to gain access to a personal account. How to use it is written directly on the map.

It is necessary to dial the specified phone number, after which the connection with the electronic operator is made. The next step is to enter the same "secret number". The machine checks the availability of money in the account, reports their amount. Now you can call anywhere in the world!

A minute of conversation on any of these cards will cost about 10 dirhams. Since the cards themselves are issued in different denominations, you can purchase the one that seems most suitable for a price of 30 to 120 dirhams.

You can use a call center, where there are automatic dialing lines, and communication with the operator. Here, the call time is not limited, but it will cost a little more, and besides, you need to look for a call center specially, while machines are located everywhere in public places.

The third way is to call directly from the hotel. It will come out quite costly, the minimum cost of a minute of an international call with automatic dialing is from 25 dirhams. Plus, the hotel will wind up its own "pretty penny" for depreciation. Sometimes a call from a number is 5 times more expensive than a call from a machine. But you can talk, comfortably lounging on the sofa and not embarrassed by other people's views.

Usually, tourists have to choose what is preferable for them, convenience or benefit. However, in the United Arab Emirates, these two points can be combined if you call from a hotel room, but with a Prepaid card through an electronic operator. In this case, the money is withdrawn directly from the account at the regular rate.

For communication within the country, you can use local SIM cards specially designed for tourists. In order to buy them, a foreigner will need a copy of his passport and visa. The cost of such a SIM card is from 50 to 60 dirhams, a third of which will be credited to the account. It should be noted that it can take up to 24 hours to activate the SIM card, although usually everything happens faster.

You can use such a card for three months, after which outgoing calls are blocked, and the card works only for reception for another month. Incoming calls are free, outgoing calls cost from 50 fils per minute. But you can also make international calls. If you plan to talk to your family all the time, then this type of communication may be the most profitable, since a minute of conversation will cost only 2.5 dirhams.