30 08 2020

The level of hotel service in Dubai


It all started with the decision of the authorities to make Dubai a real world tourist main destination. The authorities decided not to be dependent on oil and go further in their development. Today we are seeing what results they were able to achieve. People from all over the world want to visit this incredible city at least once. Why is Dubai so popular as a vacation destination? It's all about the high-class service and truly comfortable conditions for rest or living.

If you choose an inexpensive hotel, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the level of service. You simply cannot find a hotel with poor service, even if you try very hard. Budget hotels in Dubai can teach service lessons to their colleagues around the world. The secret why all tourists want to return to Dubai is simple. For the service personnel, tourists are guests, highly respected ones, and not just a way to make money. If this is the attitude in modest hotels, then imagine the attitude towards tourists in premium hotels.

The choice of hotels in Dubai is very wide, at your disposal more than 500 places where you will be gladly accommodated. Most of the luxury segment hotels are located near the beach area of the Persian Gulf. If the proximity of the beach is not a matter of principle for you, you can choose cheaper options in the city itself, which are located close to various local attractions.

It should be understood that if you want to relax like a sheikh in a luxury hotel, then you will have to pay a substantial amount. For example, the cost per night can be as high as several thousand dollars. The level of service in Dubai hotels can be safely called the best in the world.

What luxury hotels offer:

- beaches that are only accessible to guests;

- nice and necessary things for a comfortable stay on the beach - free of charge;

- gyms, bars, pools, SPA-salons and other places for quality leisure;

- flower beds and gardens that will call into question your presence in the desert;

- in addition to the usual cosmetics and a bar, other pleasant little things will be waiting for you in the room: ripe fruits, fresh flowers, etc .;

- amazing views from the windows;

- ways to have fun: surfing, catamarans, yachts, diving and much more;

Employees in hotels never ask for tips, but they are always glad to have them. Most often there is a desire to tip, because the service is incredible.