30 08 2020

What do you need to know before coming to Dubai for tourist purposes?


In this article, we will share some of the points to consider before you travel to Dubai.

Dirhams are used as the national currency, which have been introduced into circulation since 1971. In order to save time, we recommend taking euros and dollars with you, but this is not a matter of principle, banks in Dubai accept almost all currencies. Currency exchange operations are best done in banks. The rate there will be significantly lower than, for example, directly at your hotel. But in case of urgent need you can make an exchange at the hotel. The most convenient option would be to have a card with the required amount in euros or dollars. With cash withdrawals, you will definitely not run into problems, there are a lot of ATMs in Dubai. And if your bank has a UAE license, you won't even have to pay a withdrawal fee.

So how to get to Dubai quickly and safely? The answer is simple, using an airplane. The flight time from Moscow to Dubai is only 5 hours. The plane arrives at the largest international airport in the Middle East. After arrival, you will need to get to the hotel, you can do this using the services of buses, metro, or taxi. Also, if you have an international license, you can rent a car, in this case you will not depend on anyone and will be able to move freely around the city. The tariff for car rental in Dubai depends on the age and make of the car, on average, the rental will cost you 60-250 dirhams (17-70 $) / day. We would like to praise the quality of the roads, it is simply impeccable and will definitely leave a good impression.

If you are a citizen of any post-Soviet country, then you need to take care of obtaining a visa in advance. Of the mandatory documents that must be presented at the airport in the UAE, you will have a passport and a copy of an electronic visa. You can apply for a tourist visa at visa centers, tour operators, hotels and airlines in the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth noting that the crime rate in the UAE is one of the lowest in the world. For example, crimes that are part of the serious are practically absent in the reports provided by the police. This means that you can walk around the city without any fear, both day and night. But we recommend that you be vigilant about the safety of personal belongings in crowded places. If you comply with state laws, you will definitely not face difficulties from the UAE police. But in case of violations, you will have to explain your behavior in the precinct and, most likely, pay a very substantial fine.

Also, we have compiled a list of the most common souvenirs that travelers from the UAE bring:

- various incense;

- delicious spices;

- toys in the form of camels;

- carpets;

- perfumery;

- chests in various designs;

- jewelry made of gold and silver;

- National clothes;

- fur products;

- souvenirs from gastronomy.