02 09 2020

Why is it worth flying to the UAE in the summer?


What associations do you have when you are told about the UAE? We are ready to argue that these are luxury goods, gold, premium luxury cars and sports cars, skyscrapers, royal rooms in expensive hotels. And immediately the thought arises that it is simply unrealistic and very expensive to visit this incredible place. Believe us, this is far from the reality.

For example, you can choose a favorable period such as July and August. In the summer, the air temperature is quite high, but you can adapt to it within a few days. If we compare it with the Mediterranean resorts, then in the same period the air temperature is approximately the same. All infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates has been implemented for your comfort, therefore, air conditioners are installed in all museums, hotels, public transport stops and places for entertainment. This makes it much easier to endure heat.

Why is it worth going to the United Arab Emirates in the summer? One of the many reasons is the ability to rent a premium room in the most luxurious hotels at a great discount. In some periods, the discount can be up to 50%. A great opportunity to feel like a real sheikh and save money.

Do not think that you will only get off with a discount in luxury hotels. Summer sales are held by almost all large shopping centers. You can buy original branded items much cheaper than during the usual period. For shopaholics, summer in the UAE is a real paradise.

Be sure to visit the red sand desert, it will at least surprise you. You can do this by ordering an excursion, for example. Our recommendation is to plan your stop at Liwa Oasis. This is an incredibly beautiful and contrasting island of flora in the middle of the desert. It will attract your attention no less than red sand.

You may have heard about the incredible beauty of artificial islands. The most famous island is in the form of a palm tree. The island is called "Palm Jumeirah" and is visible even from space.

You can feel like a sheik not only in hotels in the UAE, but also on the way to the Emirates. This can be done simply by purchasing tickets from Emirates company. Once you board the plane of this airline, you will already begin to feel like a VIP. Tickets are sold with discounts in the summer.