30 08 2020

Why is it worth visiting Dubai?


Let's start with the fact that if your goal is to see places created by nature, then the United Arab Emirates is not for you. All tourist sites and major attractions are the work of people. It is to feel the scale of human creations that people from different continents come here.

Among the main attractions of Dubai for tourists are:

- Historical village, where you can get to know better the way of life in the UAE, as well as with ancient traditions;

- You've probably heard about the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. This is the tallest building in the entire world. Height - 828 meters, number of floors - 163;

- Not far from Burj Khalifa you can enjoy a musical fountain. Believe me, you have never seen such a fountain. The height of the jets reaches 150 meters;

- Dubai is a young city, but you can visit the neighborhoods with buildings from the early years, for example: Beira, Bakstakiyya, Shindaga;

- A complex telling about the interaction of man and the sea;

- Museum, which is located on the site where the palace of Sheikh Said was. The palace was built in the 20th century;

- There are a large number of shopping and entertainment centers in Dubai. For example, in the center of "Dubai Mall" there is a huge aquarium with a magnificent view of marine life.

- For lovers of water activities, there is a large water park.

- Islands of Palm and the World, which is created artificially.

- Amusement parks.

- Impressive markets, especially the spice bazaar.

Also, there are many traditional ways to have fun in Dubai. Therefore, immediately after sightseeing, you can safely try the following entertainment:

- Between January and February there is a shopping festival with big discounts on various premium goods.

- Camel racing.

- Auto racing.

- Horse racing.

- Sports competitions of various types, such as tennis or cricket.

It would be unfair to say nothing about the delicious national cuisine. Local chefs most often use for their dishes: vegetables (potatoes, peas, tomatoes, eggplant), herbs, cereals, fish and meat (poultry, lamb, beef). Pork in the UAE is a rarity, few people manage to find dishes with pork. For lovers of sweets, the UAE can offer their own national sweets, which are popular all over the world. You can't buy alcoholic drinks just like that, it can be done only in hotels that have a corresponding license.